08 November, 2017

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HOST - the industry event for coffee!

HOST in Milan, October 20-24, 2017

The world’s largest coffee fair in the land of coffee connoisseurs – that’s the HOST in Milan! For the first time, CUP & CINO will be in Italy this year!

At the international exhibition for coffee and hospitality we present our latest innovations. Quality-conscious companies from the catering, hotel, bakery, petrol station and other sectors rely on our holistic coffee solution and thus increase their sales sustainably.

More Facts
  • Barista ONE – in a class of its own: Our Barista ONE is the first hybrid portafilter machine with a fully automatic milk frothing system. With the top quality of a premium portafilter and the product variety of a fully automatic machine, it combines the strengths of both systems established on the market. With this she establishes a new generation of coffee machines and raises the coffee quality for gastronomy companies to a new level. With the integrated „Miracle Milk Foam“ module, the Barista ONE offers unique milk foam at the push of a button, which can be used for latte art. This premium milk foam in hot & cold extends the product range many times over. In addition, the Barista ONE with its traditional steam lance allows manual foaming and thus sets the barista in the spotlight!


  • Increase sales with Shop-in-Shop: Newly developed, industry-specific Shop-in-Shop modules expand our portfolio. Whether in the self-service or with service, they make the coffee reference a breeze: The machine is placed easily accessible and important accessories find enough space. The innovative design enhances every coffee area.

Visit us at booth U38 V37 in hall 22!

We are looking forward to your visit.
Your CUP & CINO team

26 June, 2017

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World first - The ``BaristaONE`` at the ALLES FÜR DEN GAST in Salzburg

With the BaristaONE, the Hövelhofer coffee company CUP & CINO presents a new generation of machines that combines the advantages of the Italian premium semi-automatic machines and the most powerful fully automatic machines. Ideal for the entire gastronomy and hotel industry.

More Facts

At this year’s ALLES FÜR DEN GAST in Salzburg, CUP & CINO presents the „BaristaONE“, a self-developed world innovation. This new generation of coffee machines combines all the strengths and characteristics of two established systems in the market: the premium semi-automatic and the most powerful fully automatic machines. To differentiate conventional coffee machines, the focus of the design of the hybrid, designed by CUP & CINO over two years, is on the traditional Italian preparation with lever technology. „We wanted to bring together the best parts of both coffee machine worlds with this true innovation, namely high-tech and tradition,“ says Frank Epping, founder and CEO of the international coffee company. The technically successful combination meets exactly the special needs of restaurateurs and hoteliers.

The BaristaONE is the first hybrid portafilter machine with fully automatic milk frothing system for two types of hot and cold milk:

• Automatic dosing and churning with optimum pressure depending on product and size for the perfect espresso.

• Flexible milk solution: With manual hand foaming, via car team (70 °) or at the press of a button (2-step) for the perfect look.

• Trend products: Miracle Milk Foam for creamy milk froth in hot and cold. • Two brew groups, four mills and two containers each for espresso and coffee allow up to four espressos to be taken.

• A multimedia coffee shop system on just 2 m².

The BaristaONE espresso machine combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional coffee preparation. She prepares four different coffees and two different types of milk. With four integrated grinders, it is well equipped to prepare 50 to 400 servings per day with consistent Barista quality. The hybrid portafilter machine also includes an advanced telemetry query and a simple „plug and play“ module replacement when the time comes for maintenance. As a result, the visit to the technician is spared and coffee specialties can be prepared without any problems.

14 March, 2017

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Coffee in an unprecedented quality.

This year, CUP & CINO is presenting a world first at Internorga. In addition, the CUP & CINO Foundation will be presented for the first time and further innovations await the curious visitors. We cordially invite you to the press conference on Friday, March 17, 2017 at 10:30 o’clock.

More Facts

Exhibition highlights:

  • World premiere of the BaristaONE: The BaristaONE is the first hybrid porta filter espresso machine with an integrated fully automatic milk foam unit for two varieties of milk in hot and cold. It sets the barista in the spotlight perfectly, but also automatically prepares perfect coffee specialties in Latte Art quality. Two brewing groups allow you the production of four drinks at the same time.
  • CUP & CINO Foundation: First presentation of the CUP & CINO Foundation. Under the guideline „fair coffee world“ we want to improve the living conditions of the people in the coffee countries. The aim of the foundation is to promote social projects and, in particular, to enable a better life for the children. We guarantee that all organization and marketing costs are borne by CUP & CINO, so your donation goes 100% to where it’s needed. For the first projects, we decided to work with the Neven Subotic Foundation, which has been active in Ethiopia for several years.

We look forward to see you at booth 203 in hall A1.