Global Brand Concept

Worldwide partnership wanted

We analysed the upcoming market requirements and developed these solutions:

Market requirements
Best in-cup quality
Best milk solution
Best service
Most efficient and fastest service
Quality guarantee
Increased turnover
Nice place to be
Sales promotion
New market segments

Our solution
Miracle Milk Foam
Modular concept
Plug&Play – pre-maintenance (via telemetry)
Invoice by cup consumption
Global brand recognition CUP&CINO
Coffee shop atmosphere on 2m²
New trend products and advertising
HORECA, fitness/health, convenience, offices

Coffee digitalisation – Barista 4.0

Coffee directly from selected plantations I Gentle roasting process in drum roaster I New business concepts I After-sales service I Product development I New trend products I Sales promotion I Social responsibility


Your roadmap to success:

  1. No investment needed: easy BaristaONE rental
  2. Short supply chain: freshest premium coffee
  3. Invoice by cup: product guarantee and customer loyalty
  4. Worldwide: all advantages of a global brand

Our Global Brand Concept explained as a movie

Individual business concepts for your needs!

Focus on a concept that has been successfully established in the market for more than 20 years. With the global brand CUP&CINO you will get new key account customers in the following sectors:

Fashion stores I Sport clubs I Public spaces I Campus I Restaurants I Bakeries I Convenience I Gas stations I Health care I Retail stores I Fitness centers I Offices I Hotels I Gastronomy

We want you!